What is the origin of the company’s name?
The word Katana means sword in the Japanese language. The Katana is a Samurai precision sword known for its quality, effectiveness, precision, flexibility, great speed, solidity and extreme durability. To manufacture a Katana affords a meticulous process and has to be made with great care. Katana is considered as “the soul of the Samurai”.

What are the advantages of Katana LaserSoft in comparison to conventional excimer lasers?
Katana LaserSoft is a solid-state laser. The medium of a solid-state laser is a crystal therefore no Excimer Laser refill or disposal is necessary, which leads to the absence of toxic and hazardous materials. The solid state laser source is more compact and reliable in comparison to the excimer lasers and it needs significantly less maintenance. Furthermore the Katana LaserSoft can be operated at a much higher repetition rate and n contrast to the classical excimer laser of 193 nm wavelength it uses a different wavelength, of 210 nm . Solid-state laser light of 210 nm wavelength passes through water and BSS without any significant absorption. Therefore, fluids on the corneal surface and changes of the ambient humidity have little or no effect on the ablation rate. No nomograms are required. During trans-epithelial treatments no drying is required. That is why it ensures a greater precision for accurate and controllable ablations. 

Why is eye-tracking necessary?
The eye tracker maintains centering during the entire procedure. The eye tracker takes control of the laser beam and redirects the beam to follow any eye movement. The results are more accurate especially where the ablation time is long or the process more complicated (for hyperopia, the slightest decentration of ablation may cause severe glare and other symptoms). Eye tracker is mandatory for long procedures, LASIK especially, when the patient cannot fixate after a flap is cut. Eye tracking can also influence the procedure time, to provide maximized cooling of the cornea (short procedure may produce too much heat and are not acceptable). Katana’s EyeTracker has the advantage not to be a passive eye tracker only. When applying it, even if the eye moves, the laser does not need to stop, for the tracking system will follow any small eye movement. EyeTracker has also no operating range limit.

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